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Frank M Hansen

Born & raised in Reno, Nevada; aka: Biggest Little City in the World (actually no one from Reno likes that slogan, but what are you going to do), drawing cartoons at all the wrong times for friends, school and any local newspaper that would print them.  Soon after, I abandoned “sin city” for the artificial charm of Los Angeles; where I now reside with my wife, teenager, and dog and the ongoing threat of more dogs in the future.

I draw daily cartoons about politics, business, and technology, as well as the simple shortcomings of just being human, because humor can help us make sense of our crazy, mixed-up world, plus make you laugh (hopefully). 

Also, I create what I call “Lino-zign" art, which is an abstract line art with a punch of color.  Although this art may not make you laugh, many people have found the pieces beautiful enough to hang in their homes and in galleries.


A larger selection of my editorial cartoons can be viewed & licensed at


  • “Everything Ever After – Confessions of a Family Man” (Muse Harbor Publishing – 2014)

  • “The Graphic Canon of Children’s literature” (Seven Stories Press – 2014)

  • “The Graphic Canon, Vol. 3″ (Seven Stories Press – 2013)

  • “Team Cul de Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson’s” (Andrews McMeel Publishing – 2012)



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